OXGENE CEO tells DDW what WuXi AppTec acquisition means for the business

Following the news that OXGENE has been acquired by WuXi AppTec Ryan Cawood, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OXGENE, spoke to Lu Rahman about the move, what it means for OXGENE and the benefits it will create.

LR: What does the acquisition mean for OXGENE and what will it enable the business to do that it currently can’t and what will it enhance?

RC: OXGENE and WuXi Advanced Therapies (WuXi ATU) are complementary businesses, operating in distinct spaces within the cell and gene therapy industry. This acquisition makes the combined business greater than the sum of its parts and allow us to significantly improve the commercialisation of our customers’ advanced molecular therapies. The biggest change for OXGENE is that, as part of WuXi ATU, we will now be able to offer our customers a full cGMP manufacturing solution, helping our customers get their cell and gene therapies to the market – and the patients who need them – faster and at lower cost.

LR: What are the main benefits the acquisition will create for Oxgene customers? 

RC: The acquisition will allow OXGENE customers to benefit from the global reach, quality, and manufacturing footprint of WuXi ATU, and to gain access to world-class cGMP manufacturing and supporting genetic technologies that can bring their cell and gene therapy drug candidates to market seamlessly, quickly, and predictably.

LR: Oxgene offers advanced technologies for cell and gene therapy pioneers and aims to accelerate the success of its customers – how does this acquisition fit into that belief?

RC: This acquisition is a perfect fit for our mission to accelerate the discovery and biomanufacture of cell and gene therapies. It will allow us to support our customers along the entire journey from concept to commercialisation. We’ll be able to seamlessly integrate our technology portfolio with WuXi ATU’s manufacturing capability, which will certainly help our customers accelerate the development of their cell and gene therapies.

LR: How is the future looking for Oxgene and where do you see opportunity in the market arising in the next few years?

RC: This is a really exciting time for OXGENE, and it’s coming at a really exciting time for the cell and gene therapy industry too. The potential benefits of genomic medicine to mankind are transformative. Delivering these efficiently, cost-effectively and globally will represent a real step change in world health. And this acquisition is a significant step towards making that possible.

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