New mass spectrometry portfolio to advance quantitative analysis  

According to Thermo Fisher Scientific, lab managers, technology leaders and principal scientists in pharmaceutical, food and environmental laboratories can use its new mass specrometry (MS) portfolio and chromatography solutions to accelerate throughput and improve sensitivity to meet rapidly changing regulatory requirements and the fast responses needed to tackle emerging human and environmental health risks. 

The Thermo Scientific TSQ Plus triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS) portfolio is said to increase workflow throughput through data acquisition and polarity switching. Thermo Fisher Scientific adds  that the improved low-mass product ion transmission efficiency enhances sensitivity for key target applications.  

The new portfolio, which consists of the TSQ Altis Plus, TSQ Quantis Plus and TSQ Fortis Plus MS, can be used across a range of applications, from targeted quantitation to cutting-edge research. Intuitive mass calibration routines and method optimization, in combination with market-leading chromatography and data processing software solutions, offers improved ease of use to address future analytical challenges. 

Professor Julijana Ivanisevic, University of Lausanne, said: “The TSQ Altis Plus mass spectrometer allows for robust quantification of low abundant species, thus complementing the comprehensiveness of measured metabolite signature. This increase in productivity, along with the quantitative aspect, is crucial for metabolic phenotyping of human populations – a prerequisite for the transfer to clinical settings.” 

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