Molecular Devices next-generation imaging system with deep learning technology

Molecular Devices, provider of high-performance life science technology, has globally launched its next-generation, high-content imaging system. The ImageXpress Confocal High-Content Imaging System is designed to help researchers advance phenotypic screening of 3D organoid models. The new system is designed to offer faster image acquisition and multiplexing flexibility with high-performance lasers. Image analysis with machine learning will enable researchers to quickly uncover new insights that are provable and repeatable with clear, accurate data., says the company.

“As a trusted partner to scientists for over 35 years, Molecular Devices relentlessly innovates high-content imaging and analysis technology that simplifies complex biological research leading to faster, more reliable scientific discoveries,” said Susan Murphy, President of Molecular Devices. “The ImageXpress Confocal system with self-learning image analysis software follows a long history of life science solutions that empower our customers to solve their most challenging research questions with the utmost confidence.”

Solving 3D biology challenges with high-throughput imaging and analysis technology

The ImageXpress Confocal system offers up to double the throughput speed for 3D organoids and spheroids while helping the scientific community overcome roadblocks when working with complex cell models.

This includes:

Increased multiplexing flexibility due to high-performance laser excitation with seven laser lines and eight filter combinations; more accurate and reproducible image analysis enabled by new dual micro lens spinning disk confocal technology with enhanced field uniformity;

greater image resolution and sensitivity with up to 4X increase in signal leading to lower exposure times with automated water immersion objective technology, and improved accuracy and robustness of high-content image analysis with machine learning through IN Carta Image Analysis Software.

Showcasing innovation at SLAS 2021

Molecular Devices is featureingthe ImageXpress Confocal system with IN Carta software in the Product Showcase section of the company’s virtual booth during the SLAS 2021 online tradeshow. Through video chat, attendees will also have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with product experts and applications scientists, discussing ways to maximize research efforts with the company’s advanced life science solutions.

Additional supporting resources will include the video presentation, “Capturing complexity of 3D biology: New advantages of high-content imaging,” scheduled for Wednesday, January 27, at 5pm EST, as well as the following ePosters:

Using laser light source for high-content automated imaging to improve sensitivity, speed, and precision for complex biological assays;

High-content imaging of 3D lung organoids as an assay model for in vitro assessment of morphology and toxicity effects;

Simplified workflow for phenotypic profiling based on the cell painting assay.


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