Meet advanced therapy researchers at new blood donor centre 

BioIVT will be hosting an open house from 19:00-21:00PM on February 23, 2022 at the Scale Space venue in London, where researchers can see how the company’s biospecimens are collected and processed.  


BioIVT is hosting this event to celebrate its partnership with One Nucleus, a not-for-profit life science membership group focused primarily on the Greater Cambridge and London Life Sciences Cluster in the UK. One Nucleus aims to enable that ecosystem to accelerate the translation of great science and innovation into better patient outcomes. 

Official comments 

“This open house will provide an excellent opportunity for our members to view BioIVT’s new facilities and learn how the company has become a critical supplier of leukopaks, immune cells, and other biospecimens for medical researchers in the UK and Europe. They will discover different ways in which BioIVT can support their research and development of advanced therapeutics going forward,” said Tony Jones, CEO of One Nucleus. 

“BioIVT’s new location has expanded apheresis, whole blood, and plasma collection capabilities, plus an on-site cell isolation laboratory. We have already received blood donations from more than 500 people at this new center and expect to be able to work with up to 40 donors a day. Taken together, these capabilities enable us to provide fresh, well-characterised leukopaks, immune cells, and other biospecimens to local researchers in the UK and EU, thus reducing cryopreservation and shipping costs, whilst maximising biological relevancy,” said Trevor Smith, Product Manager of the Immune Cell Portfolio at BioIVT. 

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