Maximize your productivity with high-throughput flow cytometry automation

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High-throughput flow cytometry technologies have revolutionized drug screening, says Bio-Rad. This application note explains how you can take throughput and reproducibility to the next level using the ZE5 Cell Analyzer. In the current environment, with increased pressures on drug companies, Bio-Rad believes using effective automation is critical.

Featured in this application note:

  • How integration of a flow cytometer into an automated workcell can increase throughput, enable 24/7 operation, and provide consistent results
  • How combined automated high-throughput flow cytometry and multiplexed barcoding assay enable large-scale screening; up to 16 cell lines in a single sample; > 30,000 assays completed per day
  • Considerations for sample integrity, temperature control, and vortexing available to keep cells viable and uniform during sampling
  • Applications for high-throughput flow cytometry ranging from: antibody screening, phenotypic drug discovery, target screening, hybridoma screening, and more
  • Considerations for automating flow cytometry
  • How to optimise high-throughput workflow and data analysis with the right tools


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