Whitepaper outlines critical design parameters for engineering antibody formats

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This whitepaper includes an introduction to antibodies and the process of antibody engineering based on Absolute Antibody’s years of experience developing recombinant versions of antibodies for a wide range of clients.

This whitepaper will be valuable to:

  • Therapeutic antibody developers
  • Researchers designing antibodies for diagnostics
  • Researchers looking to refine assays, antibody half-life or alter function

Antibody engineering options that will be discussed include:

  • Humanisation
  • Bi- and trispecifics
  • Antibody fragments such as Fab, scFV and dAb
  • Fc fusion proteins

The whitepaper aims to give you the background to start designing your own recombinant antibodies by providing you with critical design techniques to consider in order to maximise your success.

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