Is this a novel approach to immuno-dermatology? 


Aldena Therapeutics, a biotech company that is pioneering siRNA-based therapies for dermatological indications, has updated its immuno-dermatology pipeline, appointed a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), and announced $30 million financing by Medicxi. 


Under the leadership of Thibaud Portal, CEO of Aldena, the company’s goal is to develop advanced, long-lasting treatments for dermatological diseases based on its disruptive approach to immuno-dermatology. The company’s technology has the potential to capture the full value of systemically validated Mode of Actions (MOA) through transepidermal delivery of proprietary siRNAs. 

Aldena has a pipeline of six different compounds, three of which will be ready for IND filing in 2024. The pipeline of dermatological siRNA therapies are targeting the unmet medical need in conditions like Atopic Dermatitis, Vitiligo, Alopecia Areata, Psoriasis and other inflammatory diseases.  


Dr Craig Mello, Physiology and Medicine Nobel Prize Laureate, will Chair the SAB, alongside specialists in the field of dermatology. Dr Lars French, Dr Jonathan Silverberg, and Dr Anastasia Khvorova, will join founding advisors Dr John Harris, and Dr Mark Prausnitz on the SAB as core experts to serve as its strategic resource to establish Aldena’s efforts to expand its pipeline of dermatology products. 

Official comments 

Thibaud Portal, CEO of Aldena Therapeutics, said: “I am delighted to reveal Aldena Therapeutics as we accelerate our mission to develop an innovative pipeline of dermatological siRNA therapies that have the potential to transform the treatment of multiple dermatological diseases.” 

Craig Mello, Chair of Aldena Therapeutics Scientific Advisory Board, commented: “The most influential way to make a lasting impact in the life science community is to create pioneering, effective products that address the unmet medical need of patients.” 

Francesco De Rubertis, co-founder and Partner at Medicxi, member of the Board of Directors of Aldena, added: “We are delighted to collaborate with leading scientists from Georgia Tech and UMass to create Aldena Therapeutics, a company based on its truly disruptive approach to immuno-dermatology.” 

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