In depth eReport on Synthetic Biology: Is it the next big thing?

Synthetic DNA molecule

Synthetic biology has shown significant potential to the drug discovery sector. Although not a new area of science, the prominence of this technology and its applications – evident during the Covid-19 pandemic – have increased of late. This has created advances in the development of new medicines and our ability to find solutions for unmet medical needs. Offering precision and flexibility, the tools offered by synthetic biology place it in a competitive position as it helps drug developers cut development time as well as costs.

Download this In Focus eReport to gain a full understanding of the current market for synthetic biology and its promise to treat disease in a new way.

eReport highlights:

  • The global market for synthetic biology: its potential and where innovative drug development is taking place
  • Analysis of regional markets and the key players within the synthetic biology sector
  • How advances in the synthetic biology field are impacting drug discovery – from hit finding and lead generation onwards
  • The way synthetic gene constructs are being used in drug discovery
  • From vaccines to cell-based therapies, what the future holds for synthetic biology

Download now.

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