IDBS Polar launch streamlines biopharmaceutical development

IDBS has launched Polar biopharma lifecycle management (BPLM),  which is aimed at streamlining drug development and manufacturing in biopharma research.

The development of biologics is a dynamic process and those who are most successful must be able to adapt to changes in process or technology rapidly. IDBS data has found that without effective BPLM, the development of a biologic can take up to three years longer than it should, which impacts both patients and a company’s bottom line. Although biopharma companies recognise the need for efficiency, quality and data integrity, most are still losing time to paper records, excel and other ad-hoc systems that delay results and jeopardise process understanding and quality. Without more efficient systems, companies will continue to generate irreproducible results, which leads to repeated work, failure to extract insights and delays innovation.

“Bringing a drug to market is a very complex process which continues post-commercialisation” said Umay Saplakoglu, Chief Digital Officer at Cytiva. “A major challenge today is that knowledge that is developed throughout the phases of discovery does not always get transferred and instead exists in silos – in equipment, in someone’s notebook or in a database. There are no collaborative platforms where you can analyse the data and draw insights from it. This remains one of the biggest challenges facing industry today.”

Polar is designed to be rapidly deployed to solve workflow, process quality, collaboration and data analysis challenges that have troubled currently available software solutions including LIMS and ELN. It should reduce manual data processing and transcription, leading to fewer human errors and improved overall accuracy, and includes comprehensive search capabilities that help users find what they are looking for, reducing the need to unnecessarily duplicate processes.

Image credit: Martin Robles

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