Genentech and NVIDIA partner to accelerate drug discovery with AI 

Biotechnology company Genentech has entered into a partnership with software group NVIDIA to use generative AI to discover and develop new therapeutics.  

The collaboration will see experts from each company optimise and accelerate Genentech’s proprietary algorithms with goals to transform the discovery and development of new medicines.  

NVIDIA will work with Genentech to accelerate these models on NVIDIA DGX Cloud, which provides dedicated instances of AI supercomputing and software. 

Genentech will use NVIDIA BioNeMo to customise models at scale, and will integrate the cloud application directly into its drug discovery workflows.  

Initially, the companies will focus on optimising Genentech’s drug discovery AI models in its ‘lab in a loop’ framework. The goal will be to allow researchers to understand complex biomolecular patterns and relationships in order to improve the success rate of R&D. Additionally, it’s hoped that this allows scientists to deliver multiplicative, rather than linear or additive, benefits for patients and the broader healthcare ecosystem

Aviv Regev, Executive Vice President and Head of Genentech Research & Early Development (gRED), said:  “Collaborating with NVIDIA, and introducing generative AI, has the power to turbocharge the discovery and design of therapeutics that will improve the lives of patients across the world.” 

“AI can play a transformational role in accelerating drug discovery and development — as it has across many parts of healthcare and life sciences,” said Kimberly Powell, Vice President of Healthcare at NVIDIA. “Together, NVIDIA and Genentech are unlocking scientific innovation by developing and implementing AI models and algorithms that enable us to rapidly iterate and unearth insights.” 

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