Event focusses on targeting RNA

Targeting RNA is set to be the next big thing; 85% of human genome transcribed to RNA but only 3% translated into proteins, therefore making it an obvious target. With Risdiplam being approved by the FDA in August, and several major collaborations also being penned throughout 2020, including a $190 million deal between Arrakis and Roche, it seems like a good time to target these protein precursors.

The Targeting RNA Congress will return for 2021, March 15-17, and will take a look at the latest techniques to analyse and predict protein structure, as well as hearing from leading researchers and industry on how to incorporate learnings from RNA biology into potent and selective ligands to help prevent, rather than treat, disease.

Key Outcomes from the summit include:

  • Learn where to target your RNA molecules after exploring the newest biophysical techniques to analyse RNA structure, including NMR, Cryo-EM, and in silico modelling with Silvi Rouskin, (MIT), Wah Chiu (Stanford University) and Hashim Al Hashimi (Duke University).
  • Understand what makes a druggable RNA target and hear from expert RNA biologists to advise how best to drug your favourite RNA targets with Anima Biotech and Craig Blain (Arrakis).
  • Get translational insights into what considerations are important when creating a small molecule that targets RNA by learning how to develop tools for assessment of RNA targets with Amanda Garner (University of Michigan)
  • Hear what new techniques can help to drug these tricky targets, including RNAi, RNA degraders and RIBOTACs with Gene Yeo (UCSD), Jonathan Hall (Zurich) and Matt Disney (Scripps and Expansion).

To find out more and to book your place click here.

Image credit: Bogomic Mihaylor

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