Evaluation of checkpoint inhibitor therapies using an MLR assay: webinar

Immune checkpoints are signalling molecules that control the synapse between T cells and antigen presenting cells (APCs). Checkpoint inhibitor therapies target and inhibit the signals that ‘switch off’ T cells, leading to an upregulation of T cell activation and tumour cell killing. The mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) mimics the T cell and APC synapse by co-culturing immune cells from two individuals. MLR is used as a model to explore the effects of checkpoint inhibitor drugs in vitro; facilitating drug discovery processes and biological research applications.

What you will learn

In this webinar – which took place on 12 May – Kirsty McBain, Associate Scientist, Sartorius, will focus on applications of the iQue advanced flow cytometry platform. She has supported a number of the Sartorius immuno-oncology campaigns, and will use this webinar to discuss:

  • How the iQue Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform and associated reagent kits can be used to quantify T cell response in MLR
  • The use of the iQue MLR assay to generate pharmacological outputs for checkpoint inhibitor induced T cell activation
  • The impact of checkpoint inhibitor therapeutics on inflammatory cytokine release
  • She will also provide live answers to your questions

Who should attend

If you are involved in immuno-oncology research and applications, or the cancer immunotherapy drug discovery process, this webinar would be of value.

Sartorius says that the iQue Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform allows you to turn complex science into meaningful insights. It has been designed with a focus on speed from setup, to acquisition, and analysis, and to get you from samples to actionable results in record time.

The iQue 3 combines a patented sampling method, which Sartorius says allows for the fastest sample acquisition in the industry. It has the ability to handle various multi-well plates, and enables continuous plate loading through connection with any automation system.

The platform also offers integrated iQue Forecyt software which has been created to provide instantaneous pharmacological readouts for T cell activation response to checkpoint inhibitor drugs.

Watch on demand for FREE here.

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