Drug halves alcohol consumption to aid alcohol dependence

Alcohol use disorder

Kinnov Therapeutics’ Phase II study for its lead compound KT-110 has shown that the treatment can halve alcohol consumption amongst heavy drinkers in three months.

The trial showed that KT-110 has superior efficacy in significantly reducing alcohol consumption in heavy drinkers by 26 to 30 grams (2.6-3 drinks) per day compared to the placebo. This increased to 50 grams (five drinks) per day compared to the baseline measure at the start of treatment.

KT-110’s mode of action is novel to Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and works by simultaneously modulating the noradrenergic and serotonergic brain receptors that counteract the neurobiological processes involved in addiction by regulating the secretion of dopamine.

It combines two well-known drugs (cyproheptadine and prazosin) that act on these key receptors. By regulating the brain’s reward circuit, the drug allows patients to regain control of their alcohol consumption, to significantly reduce or even stop it.

Professor Henri Jean Aubin, the Principal Investigator of the KT-110 study, said: “Addressing alcohol dependency remains a formidable challenge, and expanding our therapeutic toolkit is of utmost importance. KT-110, with its innovative mode of action, signals the emergence of a promising new approach to treatment. I am confident that future Phase III trials will further validate these findings, ultimately granting patients access to this innovative treatment option.”

Emmanuel de Rivoire, Chief Executive Officer of Kinnov, added: “The completion of the Phase II study with KT-110, our lead drug candidate, is a major milestone for Kinnov. Alcohol dependence, or AUD, is a serious public health issue and the medical need for the treatment of alcoholism is considerable and unmet: no new drug has been brought to market since 2013.”

The company is now seeking a commercial pharmaceutical partner to continue the development and commercialisation of KT110.

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