DNA Script raises $165M to accelerate enzymatic DNA printing platform  

DNA Script has raised $165 million in a Series C financing led by Coatue Management and Catalio Capital Management, whose representatives have joined as board observers. The new funds will be used to accelerate expansion and commercialisation of the company’s SYNTAX Platform and broaden the portfolio of products powered by EDS. 

DNA Script released the SYNTAX System in June 2020, a benchtop instrument along with software, and reagent kits. The SYNTAX Platform provides in-house DNA printing without using toxic organic chemicals or extended delivery wait times from third-party DNA service providers. The fully automated instrument sets up in 15 minutes and within a few hours produces up to 96 oligos immediately ready for use in genomics and molecular biology research. The SYNTAX platform enables efficiency and control over workflows, making labs more productive to accelerate innovation. 

“As we have seen with the success of Covid mRNA vaccines, we believe the next wave of life sciences will be an engineering and technology-based approach. We think DNA Script has changed the landscape with SYNTAX by replacing chemical processes with a plug-and-play technology that custom prints DNA on your lab bench,” said Aaron Weiner, Managing Director and Head of Healthcare at Coatue Management. “We believe DNA printers have the potential to become as ubiquitous as sequencers and microscopes.” 

“DNA Script believes that the next industrial revolution will be driven by life science and biology, and we started the company with a vision to accelerate that bio-revolution, to drive life science breakthroughs by giving researchers same-day DNA access and control via EDS. Toward that end we launched the first instrument on the SYNTAX Platform earlier this year. The tremendous support we’ve received from the investment community validates our vision and will fuel our portfolio of continued innovation,” said Thomas Ybert, Co-founder and CEO of DNA Script.  

Image credit: Markus Winkler

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