Cytel appoints new CMO to drive product development  

Software company Cytel has appointed a new chief medical officer (CMO) to help drive growth in the field of advanced analytics capabilities.  

Cytel has appointed Dr Albert Kim as its CMO to help it advance product development throughout the company. Dr Kim has previously held roles at Novartis and Pfizer, and brings more than 21 years of experience in medicine and drug development across a range of therapy areas.  

Most recently Dr Kim was Vice President, Clinical Research Head for Pfizer’s Internal Medicine Research Unit. His roles at Pfizer and at Novartis saw him lead early and late phase programmes for common and rare diseases. Dr Kim has contributed to development efforts for several candidate medicines utilising different therapeutic modalities and has authored a body of work including numerous publications in leading medical journals. He was also a medical reviewer in the Division of Cardiac Devices at the FDA. 

Using Dr Kim’s experience, Cytel hopes to expand the advanced analytics capabilities available to clinicians looking to streamline therapeutic development. 

Specifically, Dr Kim’s appointment will direct the evolution of Cytel’s clinical trial strategy platform Solara. Solara has been designed to facilitate clinical trial strategy by applying high throughput screening approaches to study design selection. It leverages cloud based computational power to allow for a deeper exploration of a larger opportunity space, enabling clinicians, statisticians and other stakeholders to identify optimal design options. 

Official comments  

“Innumerable challenges can hinder clinical development success, not least the potential communications gaps between statisticians and clinicians,” said Joshua Schultz, CEO of Cytel. “Empowering and connecting teams that speak different scientific languages makes navigating hurdles in clinical research dramatically more efficient. Dr Kim, with his multi-domain expertise, will be an accelerating force as Cytel expands our application of advanced analytics to the entire product development team — from patient recruitment to market access.”

“The pace of development in today’s biotherapeutics landscape is incredibly demanding and involves many uncertainties and risks. Making difficult decisions with limited information is par for the course,” said Dr Kim, CMO of Cytel. “Cytel’s quantitative thought leadership and renowned tools have enabled sponsors to better analyse and understand their data and make confident decisions quickly. I am delighted to join such a talented team and add my perspective to help an even broader audience benefit from Cytel’s capabilities and platforms such as Solara.” 

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