Cognate BioServices announces major US and Europe expansion

Cobra Biologics, the gene therapy division of the Cognate BioServices’ group, has announced a multi-phase expansion of its plasmid DNA services, a continuation of its gene therapy services’ project for viral vectors and plasmid DNA. This includes a four-fold increase in HQ High Quality (HQ) DNA manufacturing capacity alongside new clinical and commercial GMP DNA facilities at its European facilities. The HQ plasmid manufacturing service provides a rapid six-week delivery time for the clinical manufacture of immuno-oncology therapies, for example products utilising AAV, lentiviral vector and CRISPR products.

After its acquisition of Cobra Biologics in January 2020, Cognate positioned itself as a global provider of end-to-end capabilities in the development and manufacturing of cell & gene therapy products. This expansion is in direct response to the great demand of commercial capacity within the biologics industry.

Cognate BioServices, the commercial-ready, global CDMO in the cell and gene therapy industry, has also announced its plans to expand cell and gene therapy manufacturing capacity, laboratory space, warehousing capabilities, and increase office support at its facilities in the United States and Europe.

The expansion activities will nearly double the capacity at Cognate’s existing global manufacturing facility and headquarters, located near Memphis International Airport. In Memphis, Cognate will add two separate facilities – a distribution centre to help manage global supply chain needs, and a third site focused on commercial manufacturing capabilities – all totalling nearly 250,000 square feet of space. Construction has already begun on Cognate’s GMP distribution centre and is expected to finalise in early 2021; build out of the commercial manufacturing location will begin in 2021 with the goal of coming online as quickly as possible.

“Our expansion plans in cell and gene therapy, in the US and Europe, and the close proximity to a global shipping and logistics hubs, provide Cognate BioServices, together with Cobra Biologics, a unique competitive advantage not available to other CDMOs. This is critically important to our clients around the world who are commercializing cell and gene therapies that require rapid turn around and often utilise real-time shipping and handling,” said J. Kelly Ganjei, Chairman & CEO of Cognate. “We are committed to rapidly expanding our global reach and capacity, allowing us to further our mission of developing, manufacturing and delivering leading-edge living therapeutics of the highest quality to patients around the globe.”

Image credit: Science in HD



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