Broadening drug discovery: Use of unperturbed, native state cells to uncover true biological targets at single-cell level

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Extensive manipulation, mechanical force, and labelling methods used to enrich cells activate transcriptional programs that mask molecular profiles truly significant to any underlying disease. The consequence is identification of drug targets that are not relevant to the biological process under study. Based on Nakhoda and Olszanski, 2022 (Addressing Recent Failures in Immuno-Oncology Trials to Guide Novel Immunotherapeutic Treatment Strategies), lack of an optimal biomarker is one of the main challenges to clinical trial success. This represents a huge loss for both industry and the advance of medicine.

In this on-demand webinar, Camila Egidio, PhD, Sr Director, Application Development, LevitasBio presents how single-cell RNA sequencing has progressed the field of drug discovery and how upstream sample preparation methods that preserve cells in their native state is critical in identifying relevant biomarkers for drug discovery and development.

Key talking points:

  • OVERVIEW: Relevance of single-cell RNA sequencing in your drug discovery toolkit
  • SAMPLE PREP: Obstacles that stand in the way of precise molecular signatures and lead to misguided biomarker identification
  • A BETTER WAY: Using magnetic separation of viable cells present in low quality samples for downstream biomarker discovery

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