Biomunex appoints CSO to drive oncology R&D  

Biopharma company Biomunex Pharmaceuticals has appointed a new chief scientific officer (CSO) to the company and member of its scientific advisory board.  

The company has appointed Dr Simon Plyte as CSO who joins Biomunex to help strengthen its R&D strategy.  

Dr Plyte brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, spanning over two decades in R&D at the senior management level, within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. He has a proven track record in drug discovery and development, successfully bringing both New Chemical Entities and New Biological Entities to the clinic in oncology. 

Dr Plyte will work on the company’s R&D strategy of using its bi-specific antibody platform, BiXAb, in the redirection of its unique non-conventional T cell subset for the treatment of cancer and to advance the antibody platform to tri-specificity and beyond.

Official comments  

“I am thrilled to join Biomunex and bring to the team my expertise in drug discovery and development in both big pharma and biotech; especially in the field of bi- and multi-specific antibodies. Biomunex’s unique proprietary BiXAb technology platform has best-in-class potential for the rapid creation of bi- and multi-specific antibodies from any pair of monoclonal antibodies with no extensive engineering and with excellent manufacturability,” said Dr Simon Plyte. “It has demonstrated both its relevance and potential through several key collaborations, such as those with Sanofi, Onward Therapeutics and the Institut Curie. I am glad to work with the team as we pave the way for safer and more efficacious disruptive immunotherapeutic approaches.”

Dr Pierre-Emmanuel Gerard, CEO and founder of Biomunex, added: “We are delighted to welcome Dr Simon Plyte to the team and the scientific advisory board. With his extensive dual expertise in discovery and development in both biotech and pharma, Simon will help bring Biomunex drug candidates forward through preclinical and early clinical development. His invaluable R&D experience and strong managerial skills will further support our ambitions in relation to our current fundraising activities.”

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