Accelerating cellular therapy discovery with the next generation BioELN

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Cellular therapeutics like CAR-T have revolutionised cancer treatment and hold immense promise in other areas of unmet medical need. Developing a new therapeutic cell line is no small task and requires the design and tracking of molecular tools, viral vectors, pluripotent stem cells and more. With projects spanning weeks and potentially multiple scientists, how can teams keep track of all inputs that go into developing new therapeutics? How can they trace back experimental steps to learn and build improvements?

DDW was pleased to host this free event, Accelerating cellular therapy discovery with the next generation BioELN, which was supported by PerkinElmer Informatics. Experts Dr. Christof Gänzler, Product Marketing Manager Biology, PerkinElmer Informatics, and Dr. Larry Mulcahy, Product Manager, Biologics PerkinElmer Informatics described how PerkinElmer Informatics’ BioELN accelerates scientific discovery of cellular therapeutics by capturing the entire workflow to accelerate cellular therapy discovery

The event took place on 7 April at 4PM GMT, 11AM EST.

Download for free here.

What you will learn:

  • Learn about streamlined workflows to capture and share all data in a typical biologics discovery workflow
  • Learn how PerkinElmer Informatics BioELN can deliver functionality beyond a traditional ELN by combining electronic data capture with advanced data analytics and powerful search
  • Learn how researchers can document designs, register an array of molecular modalities, and assess sequence activity relationships

Who should register:

  • Directors, managers, researchers in biologics research




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