A breath of fresh air: novel approaches to human lung disease modelling for accelerated drug discovery

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DDW was delighted to work with CN Bio on an exclusive event which focussed on novel approaches to human lung disease modelling. 

The free event took place on 29 March at 3pm. 

It covered: 

  • Accelerating the discovery of new therapeutics for treatment of lung injuries using patho/physiology mimicking models. (Speaker Professor Wojciech Chrzanowski, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney) 
  • Development of alveolar and bronchial human microphysiological systems for use in respiratory infection research and therapeutics evaluation. (Speaker Dr Emily Richardson, Lead Scientist – Assay Development, CN Bio) 

Download free here. 

With a current surge of Covid-related lung dysfunction, as well as an increase in acute lung injuries due to increasing level of air pollution a new strategy to regenerate lungs is needed. The progress in the development of new therapeutics is hampered by the lack of reliable lung models that enable rapid, cost-effective and high throughput testing of therapeutics. Animal models are too expensive/slow; cell cultures are too simple.  

Professor Chrzanowski will outline the development of advanced human mimicking lung models (aka lung-on-a-chip), which emulate both healthy (for safety studies) and diseased lungs (for therapeutics efficacy).  

Richardson will share the development of two novel primary human cell lung models using a microphysiological system in an open well Transwell format at air-liquid-interface. Distinct bronchial and alveolar models have been constructed which can be used for precise understanding of Covid-19 biology and evaluation of therapeutics.  

This free webinar discussed the development of these multi-layered coculture models, their validation for Covid-19 research and use in therapeutic evaluation. 

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