3D-printed oral treatment for ulcerative colitis proves successful

Gastrointestinal tract

A first in human study of a 3D printing drug product, T21, designed to treat moderate to severe ulcerative colitis (UC), has reported positive results.

Imaging results from the study confirmed that T21 tablets are precisely delivered and released to the target site (the colon) for the drug release.

The administration of oral medication is generally regarded as the preferred method for patients with UC due to its safety, pain avoidance and patient compliance. However, it has been historically difficult to achieve precise delivery of drugs to the colon, without releasing any of the medication in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

Triastek has reportedly developed T21 in an effort to solve the problem of targeted and precise delivery of oral drugs to the gastrointestinal tract. Through its Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED) 3D printing process, the company says its 3D printed tablets can control when, where and how much medicine is released in the gastrointestinal tract, ensuring a more targeted and efficacious drug delivery.

Professor Xiaoling Li, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Triastek, said: “We hope to continue showcasing how Triastek’s 3D printing processes can bring technical solutions to pharmaceutical companies for efficient product development of optimised drug delivery, ultimately leading to the ability to provide patients with more clinically valuable medicines.”

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