Veeva R&D Summit streamlines drug development  

The Veeva R&D and Quality Summit Europe gathered over 500 life sciences leaders in Zurich to explore new approaches for advancing digital trials and improving the clinical, quality, regulatory, and safety processes throughout.  

The Summit, which took place at the start of June saw attendees learn about industry-leading strategies to streamline processes across the product lifecycle.  

The Summit was started by Steve Guise, CIO, Roche Pharmaceuticals with his keynote highlighting the company’s ambitious goal of generating three to five times the benefit to patients at half the cost to society by leveraging a modern technology foundation.  

Other highlights included how GSK is establishing a connected clinical ecosystem to shorten cycle times for early trial processes, simplify data management, and reduce EDC build time by half; how LEO Pharma is unifying data to enable simpler processes, automation, and proactive patient safety and how Jazz Pharmaceuticals is bringing together quality data, content, and processes to scale operations 

Official comments  

“The exchange of ideas with my peers at Veeva R&D and Quality Summit was invaluable,” said Martijn van de Leur, global pharmacovigilance leader at Biomapas. “It is truly a community of like-minded professionals who are passionate about improving health outcomes for patients through innovation.” 

“The deep knowledge and experience leaders brought to the Veeva R&D and Quality Summit Europe helped people understand what it takes to create more efficient, faster ways to bring medicines to patients,” said Chris Moore, president of Veeva Europe. “These innovative strategies can ultimately drive the whole industry forward.”  

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