TikoMed appoints new members to Board of Directors

Biopharmaceutical company TikoMed has announced two new appointments to its Board of Directors as the company focuses on its ILB drug programme.

TikoMed has appointed Tara Heitner and Pete Zorn to its Board of Directors.

Tara Heitner has more than 15 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry and has been involved in the development and commercialisation of early-stage drug discovery technologies to large pharma business development. Dr Heitner earned a PhD in Chemistry from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and earned an executive MBA from Danish Technical University in 2014.

Pete Zorn is an experienced biopharma business and legal executive with a two-decade history of company-building, corporate development and experience helping companies go public in the United States. He is currently President and Chief Legal Officer at Genevant Sciences and previously served as Chief Corporate Officer and General Counsel of Albireo Pharma. He earned an undergraduate degree from Harvard University and holds a law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

TikoMed’s ILB drug platform has been involved in clinical trials up to Phase IIa and has a mechanism of action that aims to reduce the triggers that lead to cell death. The platform has applicability in acute and neurodegenerative diseases.

Official comments

“We are excited to welcome Tara and Pete to our Board,” said Adam Bruce, Founder and Chairman of the Board of TikoMed. “Tara and Pete are perfect fits for our next steps with their strong track records of transactional experience. They bring years of organisational and business development expertise and leadership that will serve the company well as we aim to grow our business focused on the ILB drug platform and take TikoMed to the next level.”

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