The ABPI sets out a manifesto for UK life sciences

Downing Street, London, UK

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) has published a manifesto outlining what a UK government must do to make the country a great place to research and develop the medicines and vaccines of the future.

The ABPI manifesto for investment, health and growth sets out a vision for how the UK can overtake its global competitors and create a virtuous cycle, where investment in medicines and research accelerates future waves of innovation and attracts an increased UK share of global research and development (R&D).

To achieve this, the ABPI is calling on all political parties to commit to three broad goals, with key requirements to make each of them happen:

  • Strengthen the development, regulation and adoption journey for new medicines and vaccines.
  • Work with industry as a partner to drive better health, investing in medicines and vaccines to improve prevention and health equity and deliver a sustainable NHS.
  • Equip industry with the tools to drive UK economic growth, safeguarding intellectual property, removing trade barriers and incentivising advanced medicines manufacturing and skills development.

Richard Torbett, Chief Executive of the ABPI said: “The UK’s life sciences industry can deliver the jobs and growth the country needs, while also transforming NHS health outcomes and boosting British scientific research.

“Making this potential a reality requires a true partnership between industry and government, with a unified approach to health and growth. We are confident that if we get the policy environment right, the rewards for patients, the NHS and the economy will be considerable.”

Download the full ABPI manifesto.

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