SLAS Europe 2023 reveals Frontiers in Technology track

Delegates at a conference

SLAS Europe 2023 will take place in Brussels, Belgium on May 23-26.

One of four tracks running through the event, the Frontiers in Technology track features 15 scientific sessions demonstrating where technology will take drug discovery and laboratory automation in the future.

A wide range of topics will cover AI in drug discovery, 3D imaging, omics and much more. A sample of sessions featured include:

  • Omics, Big Data and AI
  • Integration of Image Profiling and ‘Omics Platforms in Drug Discovery
  • Analysis of Tissues at Single-Cell Level with 3D Imaging Mass Cytometry
  • Ultrasonically Actuated Portable Microfluidic Platform Delivers Uniform Aerosol Droplets with Tuneable Diameters

The 2023 Innovation AveNEW companies have also been announced:

  • Adaptyv Bio (Switzerland)
  • Bionomous (Switzerland)
  • ELEMENTA LABS (Netherlands)
  • EvoEnzyme (Spain)
  • faCellitate (Germany)
  • FOx BIOSYSTEMS (Belgium)
  • goodBot (Germany)
  • Macula Vision Systems (USA)
  • mo:re (Germany)
  • Nagi Bioscience (Switzerland)

The companies will be exhibiting in the Innovation AveNEW area of the exhibition at the event in Brussels. Delegates are encouraged to visit to learn more about these up-and-coming laboratory automation and technology entrepreneurs.

View the full SLAS Europe 2023 programme.

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