Sidekick Health launches digital platform for atopic dermatitis  

A woman scratching her skin

Digital therapeutics provider Sidekick Health has launched an integrated solution for improving the outcomes of patients with Atopic Dermatitis (AD). The product was developed in collaboration with Pfizer and will be rolled out in the UK first before being launched in other regions.  

The launch marks the next phase of a growing relationship to develop digital patient support programmes globally, including expansion into 24 markets by 2024.  

AD is a skin disease that is estimated to affect up to 14% of adults globally1. People affected by AD deal with constant itching, potential sleep deprivation and increased stress and anxiety that effects the quality of their lives.  

A challenge for effectively treating AD is having patients adhere to treatments. Sidekick has developed its platform to use gamification principles and behavioural economics to deliver treatment through care pathways that help inspire lasting behavioural change, positively impacting health outcomes by addressing the same endpoints as traditional treatments.  

Sidekick recently completed an independently-funded feasibility study for AD, showing a reduction in skin lesion severity and extension by over 40%, as evaluated by dermatologists, and close to 50% reduction in the overall severity of symptoms. People who participated in the study also reported a significant improvement in health-related quality of life. In addition, it found an overall increase in adherence to treatments and preventive measures, as patients reported using skincare creams and avoiding triggers more regularly.  

“We are extremely excited to be entering the next phase in our ongoing relationship with Pfizer,” comments Dr Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, CEO and Co-Founder of Sidekick. “At Sidekick, it’s always been our ambition to help as many people as possible to make long-lasting improvements to their disease management, with the aim of improving people’s health outcomes and quality of life. Our work with Pfizer escalates our mission to bring digital therapeutics into the homes of people around the world.  “

Ana Paula Carvalho, Regional President, International Developed Markets, Inflammation & Immunology at Pfizer said: “Autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis can be debilitating, disfiguring, and distressing, dramatically affecting what people living with the disease can do. At Pfizer, we recognize patient care goes beyond medical advances and we are proud to be working with Sidekick to put their technology in the hands of people who need it most. A holistic approach to treating the individual, not just the disease, is essential in order to advance the standard of care for patients and to empower them to live their best lives.”  


1: Byland, Simon, et al. “Prevalence and Incidence of Atopic Dermatitis: A Systematic Review.” Acta Derm Venereol, vol. 100, no. adv00160, 2020.,  

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