Rare disease centre to accelerate biotech growth 

Emmes has launched a rare disease centre, Orphan Reach, to combine its health research across the public sector and biopharmaceutical industry, with Orphan Reach, a UK-based CRO, acquired by Emmes in May 2021. 

The expanded Orphan Reach is dedicated to the advancement of rare disease research by providing specialised clinical trial design and execution capabilities. It is expected that the Orphan Reach clinical study portfolio will double over the next 12 months, with Emmes’ joint services and technologies bringing new capabilities to the expanding rare disease drug development market. 

Traci Clemons, Chief Research Officer of Emmes, said: “Collectively, we have an incredibly strong team, bringing together deep global rare disease clinical operations capabilities with extensive scientific research experience across multiple rare disease indications. In areas such as ophthalmology, metabolic disorders, and gene therapies, Emmes has data and analytical origins spanning over four decades and a wealth of scientific publications.” 

The newly dedicated centre will be launched at the World Orphan Drug Congress in Barcelona, Spain on November 15. In addition to Dr. Clemons, the centre will be led by a team of senior industry executive experts in rare diseases including Thomas Ogorka (Managing Director) and Nazira Maruf (Vice President of Project Management).   

Thomas Ogorka said: “Our passion for the services we provide and the dedication we have to the patients in our trials has always been of paramount importance to Orphan Reach, and a contributing factor to our successful long-term collaborations with clients. We are excited to increase our impact within the rare disease space, especially as we broaden and deepen our service offerings through the new Emmes rare disease centre. We are nimble, responsive and proactive in ensuring trials can advance more quickly through what are nearly always accelerated pathways.” 

Dr. Christine Dingivan, Chief Executive Officer of Emmes, added: “We want to make it easier for both rare disease focused biopharma companies and public sector research institutions to accelerate development of new treatment options for rare disease patients by leveraging a highly specialised global CRO committed to rare disease clinical research.  By harnessing the invaluable experience of the combined organisation in over fifty rare disease indications, we will provide greater value to patients, investigators, and clients.” 

Image credit: Emmes

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