Qureight and AZ collaborate on lung disease research

Qureight platform image

Cambridge data analytics company Qureight has announced a multi-year strategic research collaboration with AstraZeneca.

The agreement will allow AstraZeneca to use Qureight’s proprietary platform and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to conduct research across a range of complex lung diseases. It is hoped that this will help in our understanding of how patients with rare and complex lung diseases could respond to novel drugs.

Complex lung diseases, such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and pulmonary hypertension, currently have limited treatment options and poor survival rates. To address this, and to improve outcomes for patients, Qureight was founded by clinicians and researchers in Cambridge in 2018.

Qureight’s cloud platform analyses CT scans, blood biomarkers and clinical results from patients with a range of complex lung and heart conditions. The technology creates models with both real world and clinical trial data.

In May 2023, at the American Thoracic Society meeting in Washington DC, Qureight presented research findings jointly with AstraZeneca. These showed how image-based AI models could be integrated with clinical models to capture data at a single time point in the IPF patient journey and predict 12-month mortality signals with strong accuracy.1

Professor Maria Belvisi, Senior Vice President and Head of Research and Early Development, Respiratory & Immunology, BioPharmaceuticals R&D AstraZeneca, said: “The collaboration with Qureight supports AstraZeneca’s aim to harness data and technology enabling our scientists to push the boundaries of science and deliver life-changing medicines to patients.  Qureight’s AI technology allows us to investigate outcomes in multiple respiratory diseases, helping us to create new endpoints and improve patient selection for clinical trials in diseases such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.”


  1. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2023;207:A6488

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