Proteomics grant programme open to Singapore researchers

Proteomics company SomaLogic is sponsoring the Genomax Research Grant Award for researchers in Singapore, the company’s first grant in the APAC region.

The winners of the award will receive proteomic data from SomaLogic’s 7,000-plex assay, which will be run at Singapore-based Molecular Genomics.

The grant programme, which was launched at the Asia Oceana Human Proteome Organisation (AOHUPO) meeting in Singapore, requires that researchers in academic, medical centres, pharmaceutical companies, and contract research organisations in life sciences, submit a proposal outlining how they will use the SomaScan Platform to expand their research goals in health or in a specific disease area.

Two winners will be awarded 40 human plasma or serum samples to be processed on the SomaScan Platform at Genomax’s Singapore lab.

Researchers can apply on SomaLogic’s website:

Life science researchers in Asia are now increasingly appreciating the power and the promise of proteomics in their discovery efforts.

“Asia is an incredibly important and rapidly growing market because of their increasing focus on translational work in life sciences and clinical research,” said SomaLogic Chief Executive Officer Adam Taich. “We are excited to bring this inaugural grant program to researchers in Singapore who can advance their studies through our partnership with Molecular Genomics, which has been accelerating biodiscovery in Southeast Asia for more than a decade.”

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