Partnership supports biotech start-ups on journey to market

Scientist filling test tubes in biotechnologymlab

ProductLife Group has been chosen as the exclusive Privileged Partner for Regulatory & Compliance services by EIT Health’s Venture Centre of Excellence (VCoE).

The partnership means EIT Health will recommend PLG to early-stage biotech start-ups requiring regulatory support to accelerate their journey to market.

The VCoE aims to increase and accelerate market opportunities for early-stage biotech, medtech and digital health start-ups across Europe, by matching companies with funding, professional services expertise and contacts. 

In October 2020, the European Commission announced €150m investment into the programme, with the aim to facilitate €2 billion in investment and bring 200 start-ups to market over the next 15 years. That investment level has already been achieved, with more than 60 start-ups so far benefitting from funding.

As well as providing funding, EIT Health’s VCoE aims to build start-ups market readiness, through valuable contacts and access to professional services. 

Commenting on the new collaboration between VCoE and PLG, Isaac Middelmann, Head of Access to Finance for EIT Health InvestHealth: “This is a very exciting development, which will help cement the opportunities we have set out for promising early-stage start-ups targeting the latest challenges and opportunities at the cutting edge of life sciences. Access to trusted professional services and expertise is as critical to these start-ups as a financial investment, as the two go hand in hand.” 

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