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Leica Microsystems and Cell Signaling Technology (CST) have announced a partnership to validate CST antibodies on the Cell DIVE multiplexed imaging solution, allowing researchers to design custom antibody biomarker panels.   

Backed by a decade of research, the Cell DIVE iterative staining workflow enables the visualisation of over 60 biomarkers on a single sample. Coupled with Leica images of whole tissue sections at the single-cell level, Cell DIVE provides spatial insights to deepen scientists’ understanding of the tissue microenvironment in fields such as cancer research. 

CST has a broad portfolio of antibodies, validated for immunohistochemistry (IHC) using a rigorous approach to ensure sensitivity and specificity, to detect key proteins in a variety of disease states. With this partnership, Leica Microsystems has tested CST antibodies conjugated to standard fluorophores and verified their compatibility with the Cell DIVE multiplexing workflow. 

 “By using validated antibodies with Cell DIVE, our open multiplexed imaging solution, researchers gain back precious time to focus on their scientific work,” said James O’Brien, Vice President Life Sciences at Leica Microsystems. “Instead of spending time validating antibodies, the pre-validated antibodies from CST allow them to design their individual panels and obtain accurate and reproducible data quickly.” 

“Antibody specificity, reproducibility, and instrument compatibility are critical for researchers using spatial biology approaches. Our partnership with Leica Microsystems, and their Cell DIVE instrument, shows how we can work together to ensure efficient, accurate data collection, and empower scientific discoveries,” said Roby Polakiewicz, Chief Scientific Officer at Cell Signaling Technology. 

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