Partners accelerate innovation in underserved women’s health

Woman talking to a doctor

BioInnovation Institute Foundation (BII) and Ferring Pharmaceuticals have expanded their collaboration with the objective to accelerate world-class life science innovation within women’s health.

New activities will include supporting BII to source and potentially fund and incubate early-stage start-ups and projects within the field of reproductive medicine.

“The new strategic collaboration, highlights Ferring’s continued commitment to invest in early-stage innovation in this area, and we look forward to strengthening our collaboration with BII to accelerate new solutions for patients”, says Armin Metzger, Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer at Ferring.

The strategic collaboration builds on Ferring’s engagement with BII’s Women’s Health Initiative through Ferring’s membership on the BII Women’s Health Innovation Panel.

Women’s health is underserved as only 1% of global healthcare research funding is invested in female-specific conditions beyond oncology. The collaboration aims to bridge the gap by supporting early-stage innovation and will leverage BII’s expertise in translational science incubation, together with Ferring’s expertise in early-stage development and reproductive medicine.

“Combining BII’s already proven incubation expertise with the industrial expertise and deep insights that Ferring has within women’s health forms a very strong basis for supporting and accelerating our mission of getting more solutions on the market that address the high unmet needs of 50% of the world’s population. We are pleased to collaborate even closer with Ferring to make it happen,” says Trine Bartholdy, Chief Innovation Officer at the BioInnovation Institute.

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