NICE recommends enzyme therapy for Fabry disease

Stamp of approval

The UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended Elfabrio (pegunigalsidase alfa) as an option for treating Fabry disease (or alpha-galactosidase deficiency).

The drug is recommended for use on the NHS under the terms of a confidential commercial agreement.

Pegunigalsidase alfa is a novel enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) administered via intravenous infusion every two weeks and delivers a modified version of the enzyme α-galactosidase A.

“We are delighted that NICE has recommended pegunigalsidase alfa, bringing a new treatment option for people living with Fabry disease across England,” said Dr Kamran Iqbal, Head of Medical Affairs, Global Rare Diseases, Chiesi UK&I. “Fabry disease brings a multitude of complex symptoms and, since one therapy may not suit all, it is vital that patients have additional treatment options available to them.”

Fabry disease is a rare genetic disease affecting approximately 1,150 people in England. People with Fabry disease do not make enough of the enzyme, alpha-galactosidase A, which is needed to break down certain fatty acids. There is currently no cure; however, available treatment options, including ERT and chaperone therapy, can prevent progression of the disease and help to manage symptoms.

“On behalf of our Fabry community, the MPS Society welcomes the decision by NICE to make available the treatment pegunigalsidase alfa to our community, broadening the treatment options for those affected by Fabry,” said Bob Stevens, Group Chief Executive, MPS Society. “For people living with Fabry, it is vital that they are supported in living the lives they want and are able to make informed decisions about their treatment.”

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