New initiative focusses on Lab To Leadership in drug discovery

Clearworks Coaching is offering a Lab To Leadership initiative that aims to assist leadership development, helping scientists reach their leadership potential early in their career. Clearworks Coaching has been developing UK senior leaders since 2005 and specialises in STEM, biotech and pharma.

The organisation has recognised that the gap between STEM experts and leaders can seem too wide to bridge, which delays people moving into leadership roles. Lab To Leadership focuses on the transition into leadership for new, aspiring and emerging leaders, specifically in the science sector.

Lab To Leadership either runs as an open programme, or within an organisation, making it affordable for smaller organisations and meaning it can run globally, building connections across sites.

The programme enables companies to develop and retain more leaders more quickly and avoid the costly external hunt for talent. It enables start-ups and biotechs to develop leaders before they have the budget to run big programmes in-house.

A coaching group is comprised of six participants who work with a coach for a set period of time which is usually between six and eight months. During Covid-19 restrictions, the programmes currently run online. An unexpected benefit of the pandemic is that it has opened organisations’ minds to working across geographies online so global communities can be built.

The programme is evidence-based, not just theoretical, and scientists focus on leadership confidence, flexibility and emotional intelligence. There is a combination of external skills, such as motivate others or approach difficult situations as well as internal exploration of beliefs, values, finding a personal purpose, confidence, overcoming imposter syndrome and more.

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