More trust for pharma in the UK than the US


Six out of 10 people in the UK trust pharma businesses to do what is right: up 1% on last year.

The UK places more trust in pharma than European neighbours France (52%), Germany (55%), or the industry’s largest global market, the US (54%).

People living in the world’s second largest and fastest-growing pharma market, China report the highest level of trust in the industry (89%), closely followed by India (86%).

These are some of the key industry findings within the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: Trust and Health. The report aims to set out the challenges impacting global trust in health and identify the areas where stakeholders across the health ecosystem and beyond should focus to address them.

“Despite politically charged debate spanning pricing negotiation, the future of clinical trials, and investment in the country, this year’s data suggests overall trust in the pharma industry is holding steady in the UK. The Covid-19 pandemic may now be declared officially over, but the boost in trust that the sector enjoyed as a result of its role in combating it looks to have remained,” said Eleanor Read, Managing Director, Health at Edelman UK.

The data suggests that globally there is a socioeconomic divide shaping trust in pharma, with those on low incomes less likely to trust the sector than higher earners (56% vs. 67%).

The majority (73%) of people in the UK expect healthcare businesses to play a meaningful role in keeping them as healthy as possible. Gen-Z and young millennials (aged 18-34) hold this view more strongly than those aged 55+ (80% vs. 67%) perhaps signalling shifting attitudes towards businesses’ role in British healthcare.

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