Jumpcode Genomics launches tech to improve genome sequencing  

Genome technology platform provider Jumpcode Genomics has launched technology to improve single cell transcriptional profiling and aid with scientists’ understanding of genomic sequences.  

Jumpcode Genomics’ CRISPRclean Single Cell RNA Boost Kit leverages the company’s CRISPR-based technology to remove uninformative sequences from libraries, enhancing single cell experiments and enabling scientists to extract greater insights from genomic data. The company has designed the technology to be broadly applicable across basic and translational research, clinical applications, infectious disease, and oncology. 

In order to understand transcript levels within individual cells, single cell studies require a vast amount of sequencing – anywhere from 25,000 to 150,000 reads per cell.  

Such data sets are traditionally filtered and normalised prior to downstream interpretation. Instead of removing those reads in-silico, Jumpcode’s CRISPRclean technology depletes the molecules generating those reads in-vitro ahead of sequencing. This redistributes 50% of sequencing reads to unique biologically relevant transcripts – boosting usable data for researchers. 

Benefits of the technology include the ability to double informative transcriptomic reads while enhancing cell type identification; boost usable data by reallocating 50% of sequencing reads from uninformative sequences to transcripts used for differential analysis; and gain a deeper view of expression profiles of individual cells and increase sensitivity to detect rare cell populations.

Official comments 

“As we’ve seen incredible growth in single cell analysis, it’s become evident that RNA sequencing can help fuel the discovery of rare cell types and development of new drug targets. However, historically, there have been many challenges in realising the full potential of single cell RNA sequencing, including the presence of abundant uninformative transcripts that can mask impactful biological findings,” said Yaron Hakak CEO of Jumpcode Genomics. “Jumpcode’s new CRISPRclean Single Cell RNA Boost Kit enables unbiased discovery by addressing this needle in a haystack problem, allowing scientists to see signals that have been previously obscured.” 

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