AI-powered indication expansion partnership entered

Healx has partnered with Ono Pharmaceutical to leverage Healx’s indication expansion technology to identify new disease indications with high unmet needs that could be treated by Ono’s assets.

Healx’s AI drug discovery platform, Healnet, integrates data from multiple sources – including biomedical research, patient insight, scientific literature and curated proprietary information – to form a rare disease biomedical knowledge graph. This graph is analysed by Healx’s AI methods to pinpoint non-obvious disease-compound relationships with the highest probability of success. Critically, these models are trained to discover novel disease biology and modes of action, without being limited to a single biological target.

Healx will deploy Healnet to find multiple new therapeutic indications for Ono’s proprietary assets. Healx will also provide Ono with a rationale for the predictions as well as a roadmap for preclinical validation of the assets. Ono will then select diseases from Healx’s therapeutic recommendations and progress them towards further validation studies.

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