GADx launches as social enterprise for diagnostics  

Diagnostics company Mologic and its sister company Global Access Diagnostics (GAD) have combined their expertise to form a new business aimed at addressing the gaps in the provision of diagnostics, with a focus on expanding affordable access to quality tests. 

Global Access Diagnostics (GADx) is the first portfolio company to come from Global Access Health (GAH), a social enterprise dedicated to providing affordable medical products around the world.  

GADx has been launched as a social enterprise, where all surplus will be reinvested to deliver diagnostics to those most in need. This includes transferring diagnostic technology to low-middle income countries, delivering tests such as Covid-19 to communities in need, and developing tests for neglected diseases.  

GADx will also offer expertise for contract research and development, alongside assisting companies to scale-up manufacturing through its capacity to produce over 2 million tests per day and help facilitate local manufacturing and distribution.  

Through decentralised research, development, and manufacturing in and for the Global South, GADx aims to address gaps in the provision of global diagnostics, in regions that profit-focused business has failed to address. 

Official comments

“Nearly half of the world’s population have little or no access to diagnostics; and only 1-in-5 people in low and low-middle income countries have basic diagnostic tests available to them.” said Mark Davis, CEO of GADx R&D (formerly Mologic). He added: “GADx’s foundation is based on three pillars: leadership in research and development, manufacturing prowess and Our Core Mission: reinvesting surplus. We are building an innovative social enterprise that puts underserved communities above shareholders and aims to create legacies that bring sustainable change to healthcare and business.”   

Sumin Koo, CEO of GAH, commented: “To be a leader in R&D, we brought in Mologic, a pioneer in rapid diagnostics and already participants in over 150 international research projects and working with globally recognised partners. The team’s expertise and products are at the forefront of human, animal, and agriculture diagnostics. This is paired with the strength of GAD’s novel manufacturing platform; holding the flexibility and expertise to accommodate one-off orders and scale-up for mass production, over 1million tests per day.” 

Mark Radford, CEO of GADx Manufacturing (formerly GAD), added: “This is an exciting next step for GADx, harnessing our individual expertise in lateral flow testing to transform rapid diagnostics. We have very well-established contract manufacturing capabilities to provide custom, flexible and scalable solutions, from low- to high-volume. This single brand portrays our group vision for the future of diagnostic testing, we look forward to progressing this to get the best tests to the most people, for the lowest cost and do so sustainably.”  

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