Dompé and Engitix tackle fibrosis and liver-associated solid tumours 

Liver cancer

Dompé Farmaceutici has entered a strategic collaboration with and investment in Engitix as part of Engitix’s $54m Series A financing to support identification of new treatments against fibrosis and liver-associated solid tumours. 

The agreement  

Dompé will provide direct access to facilities, resources and expertise including its Exscalate structure-based drug design platform which can design new molecules following the rules of rational drug design to obtain compounds capable of interacting specifically with a tissue or regulating the biological activity of a cell or a protein.   

Exscalate has enabled Dompé to accelerate drug design while also identifying new applications for existing molecular entities for which potential safety is well established, potentially reducing the time between the identification of a health threat, such as Covid-19, to rapid availability of candidate drugs.  

Official comments 

Marcello Allegretti, Chief Scientific Officer of Dompé, said: “We look forward to working with the Engitix team to combine the power of Exscalate with Engitix’s deep understanding of the biology of the fibrosis and solid tumours microenvironment. The power of its ECM platform enables us to accelerate the clinical translation of targets beyond our four key in-house therapeutic areas of ophthalmology, metabolic disorders, oncology, and pain management” 

Mike Platt co-founder and Managing Director of BlueCrest Capital Management, said: “The value of Engitix’s platform has been proven through the partnerships it has established and the pipeline of opportunities it has built. The collaboration with Dompé propels it to the next stage and I look forward to working with the board and investors to Engitix’s full potential.” 


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