Collaboration to accelerate and de-risk CNS clinical development 

Node structures in the central nervous system

PrecisionLife and Nanopharmaceutics have entered a strategic collaboration aiming to accelerate and de-risk the development of Nanopharmaceutics’ portfolio of central nervous system (CNS) assets. 

This collaboration between PrecisionLife and Nanopharmaceutics uses mechanistic patient stratification biomarkers to inform clinical trial design and transform the lives of patients. 

The collaboration will leverage PrecisionLife’s proprietary combinatorial analytics platform to analyse patient genomic profiles and identify target-specific genetic biomarkers for each of Nanopharmaceutics’ CNS drug development programs. These biomarkers will be based on combinations of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) specifically associated with Nanopharmaceutics’ drugs’ mechanisms of action and the development indication. 

As part of the collaboration, PrecisionLife will support Nanopharmaceutics in the clinical development of their CNS programmes by identifying patient stratification biomarkers to link the development compounds’ mechanisms of action to the patient subgroups with the highest likelihood of demonstrating positive outcomes in clinical trials, optimising patient selection.  

This precision medicine approach has the potential to significantly increase the probability of clinical trial success rates, even in the most complex chronic diseases. Beyond the applications set out in this collaboration, PrecisionLife biomarkers may also serve as invaluable complementary diagnostic tools, expediting the approval of new therapeutic products and facilitating the swift delivery of the latest medicines to patients with unmet medical needs. 

Commenting on the collaboration, James Talton, PhD, President and CEO of Nanopharmaceutics, stated: “We’re thrilled to partner with PrecisionLife, a company that shares our commitment to creating targeted therapeutic products for patients. By leveraging PrecisionLife’s innovative approach, Nanopharmaceutics aims to enhance the precision and effectiveness of clinical trials for CNS disorders, which have historically presented numerous challenges due to their complexity.” 

Steve Gardner, PhD, CEO and Co-founder of PrecisionLife, added: “PrecisionLife excels in the identification of the combinations of genetic and non-genetic features responsible for an individual’s disease subtypes, enabling the design of smaller, faster-to-readout clinical trials targeted at each drug’s mechanism of action. We’re delighted to support Nanopharmaceutics in their clinical development with precision biomarkers, accelerating and de-risking the development of targeted therapeutic products for patients who urgently need them.” 

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