Closed Loop Medicines targets US with key hires  

Techbio company Closed Loop Medicines has appointed two new members in support of its planned international growth.  

Closed Loop Medicines appointed David Van Sickle as Non-Executive Director and Simon Ramsden as Chief Financial Officer. 

Closed Loop Medicine says that the hires will help in the next stage of its growth as the company expands its development programmes into the US. 

Currently, it has two clinical-stage products, aiding in the management of insomnia and hypertension, and a pipeline of future combination products that enable dose optimisation to improve patient outcomes.  

As Non-Executive Director, Van Sickle will help Closed Loop Medicine with its engagement with the US healthcare system. He joins from digital health company Propeller Health. Where he was CEO and Co-Founder.  

Joining as Chief Financial Officer, Simon Ramsden previously worked for EUSA Pharma, where he held overall financial responsibility across all areas as Vice-President Head of Global Finance.  

Official comments  

David Van Sickle, Non-Executive Director, Closed Loop Medicine, said: “Across my career, I have been focused on the opportunity for digitally-guided therapy to improve the management of disease. A critical ingredient in managing a chronic illness is selecting an individualised drug dose regimen that is optimally safe and effective. However, more than three-quarters of the drugs approved by FDA in recent years had only a single dose regimen, a monolithic strategy that leads to unwanted side effects, non-adherence, and sub-optimal illness management. CLM promises a new approach: enabling personalised software-enabled treatments that reduce unnecessary suffering and pressure on our healthcare systems.” He added: “Joining Closed Loop Medicine’s Board of Directors is an exciting next step in my career, and I’m confident that the Company will have a significant impact on the industry.” 

Simon Ramsden, Chief Financial Officer, Closed Loop Medicine, added: “Through integration of drugs and patient-led digital experiences, Closed Loop Medicine’s approach has the potential to provide universal healthcare access by enabling bespoke treatment decisions at an individual patient level. Not only would this improve disease outcomes, but also better support clinicians. Occupying a unique space at the intersection of data, healthcare and traditional therapeutics, the Company is demonstrating huge value potential and impressive growth. We are already seeing the positive market momentum and I’m looking forward to working with the team to further build on this success.” 


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