Clinical Microbiomics makes third acquisition in 18 months


Clinical Microbiomics has acquired DNASense, a Danish microbiome clinical research organisation (CRO) specialised in long-read DNA and RNA sequencing technologies and bioinformatics.

The acquisition adds long-read DNA and RNA sequencing technologies to Clinical Microbiomics’ multi-omics technologies for the microbiome field.

H Bjørn Nielsen, CSO of Clinical Microbiomics, said: “DNASense is a first mover in applying long-read technology broadly across microbiome research and industrial applications. Adding this to our toolbox paves the way for synergies with our bioinformatics and allows for deeper exploration of the microbiome’s complexities that will accelerate new discoveries.”

Long-read sequencing technologies offer several advantages over short-read methods. Sequencing of much longer DNA fragments significantly improves the assembly of complex metagenomes and the identification of functional and structural features.

This strongly facilitates metagenome-associated genomes (MAG) recovery, resolution of repetitive regions, the detection of methylation patterns, and improves the accuracy of meta-transcriptomics by combining RNA sequencing with a MAG-resolved reference.

The native DNA sequencing circumvents issues like GC- and PCR-biases that skew short-read results. The long-read platform is highly scalable and provides live sequencing data feeds for extremely fast analysis turn-around and customisations.

The acquisition is the third of its kind for the Danish-American company, which acquired MS-Omics and merged with CosmosID over the last 18 months. A new brand reflecting the joint vision of Clinical Microbiomics, MS-Omics, CosmosID and DNASense will be unveiled in the summer of 2024.

Diana Spencer, Senior Digital Content Editor, DDW

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