Analytica virtual conference: new approaches in the fight against antibiotic resistance

The Analytica conference accompanies Analytica 2020, which is currently taking place virtually until 23 October.

Key topics in focus at the event are  antibiotic resistance and the ‘laboratory of the future’.

The number of microbes that are resistant to certain classes of antibiotics is increasing – hampering therapy. Humans and animals introduce germs and antibiotic-resistant bacteria into the environment, where they multiply.

Analysis of these bacteria is one of the great current challenges for modern medicine—and the paramount topic at the virtual Analytica conference in the course of Analytica 2020. New analytical methods allow the study of individual bacterial cells.

Experts in their fields will provide an overview of the opportunities and limitations of established methods for the analysis of resistant pathogens. They will also present the latest technologies for the quantification and characterisation of pathogens and antibiotic-resistant bacteria in an application-oriented manner.

Another hot subject is the ‘laboratory of the future’. The digital transformation of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry focuses on laboratories as drivers of innovation. Design-of-experiment (DoE) approaches and model-based simulations shorten development cycles and the time-to-market of new products. Real-time data from process development, manufacturing, application development and supply chain enables more sustainable management of product volume, resources and quality. In daily life, however, the existing infrastructures and obsolete production facilities of industry often hamper digitisation.

New approaches are required for the digital transformation to be optimally implemented in the ‘laboratory of the future’. In the course of the session ABC: Digital Analytical Sciences, experts will present approaches and examples of how laboratories can meet these new challenges.




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