Who are the SLAS2022 Innovation Award finalists? 

With SLAS2022 confirmed to go ahead as both an in-person and hybrid event, the Innovation Award finalist presentations will take place on February 8, from 10AM- 5PM, and will be live-streamed to the online audience.  

What is the SLAS Innovation Award?

The SLAS Innovation Award consists of a $10,000 check presented to a winning presenting author. Subject to SLAS requirements and the approval of the SLAS Awards and Grants Advisory Committee, the winning presenting author is also invited to join the judging panel for the following year and invited to participate on the SLAS2023 Program Committee for the following year’s conference.  

The panel of judges is comprised of individuals approved by the SLAS Awards and Grants Advisory Committee and represents various technologies and applications within the SLAS International Conference and Exhibition curriculum. 

The finalists 

Anna Popova, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 

The Droplet Microarray (DMA) as a Versatile Platform of the Future for High-Throughput Cell Experiments in Nanolitre Droplets 

Christoph Merten, EPFL, The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne 

Droplet Microfluidics in Antibody Discovery, Immune Repertoire Sequencing and Personalized Cancer Therapy 

Erik Danen, Leiden University 

A Versatile Medium-Throughput 3D Microtissue Platform for Drug Discovery and Development for Fibrosis and (Immune)oncology 

Dennis Shaberla, Kobotix 

ChemOS – Automatic Optimization of Chemical Reactions 

Emma Chory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Phage and Robotics-Assisted Directed Evolution 

Tetsuhiro Harimoto, Columbia University 

A Coculture Platform to Screen Therapeutic Bacteria within Tumor Spheroids 

Nathaniel Elsen, Abbvie 

IR-MALDESI-MS: A New Platform for High-Throughput Label-Free Analysis 

Kyle Loh, Stanford University 

Improving the Future Safety of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies 

Alice Soragni, University of California Los Angeles 

Leveraging Patient-Derived Tumor Organoids for Drug Discovery and Precision Medicine Applications 

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