What will the lab of the future look like?

Future Labs Live
What is Future Labs Live?

Future Labs Live is becoming the world’s most important ‘future lab’ congress. We are breaking out of silos to enable individuals to meet, talk, and debate across function, industry, and geography.

We are returning to Basel, the pharma hub of Europe, from May 31 – June 2, 2023, to unite 1500+ global labs leaders, 200 expert speakers, and 100 start-ups.

Our event has an exciting conference programme alongside extensive exhibition, which combines the world’s largest companies leading the way, alongside new start-ups filled with innovative ideas for the future.

Why is Future Labs Live needed now?Future Labs Live

We are encouraging collaboration within and between organisations to bring people together to come up with the ideas, the tech, and the processes to transform the lab of tomorrow. 

The lab of tomorrow will be very different to the lab of today. There’s a clear need to come together to meet, debate, share ideas, best practice, stories of success and (maybe even most importantly) stories of disaster.

Conference themes

Our conference agenda addresses 10 key themes across three days, covering areas such as Automation, Digital Transformation, AI, and Data, along with the addition of new themes for 2023: Smart Lab Facilities, Lab Operations and Efficiency, and Training, Development, and Talent.

Collaboration in drug discovery

AI is the technology of the moment and is a word now familiar in many people’s vocabulary and Future Labs Live is no different. We are taking a deep dive into the role of AI and machine learning in drug discovery and how it is revolutionising the industry. AI is creating huge opportunities for drug discovery, and indeed society, and Future Labs Live 2023 will address these in length. We are delighted to have Drug Discovery World supporting the 2023 event and helping to shape our agenda with the exciting and innovative sessions.

Confirmed speakers include:

James Connelly, Chief Executive Officer, My Green Lab

Pascal Miéville, Executive Director, SWISS CAT+, EPFL

Vicky Pirzas, Vice President Recombinant Product Development, Managing Director, CSL Behring

Rob Howes, Chief Executive Officer Rosalind Franklin Laboratory, UK Health Security Agency

Kim Jelfs, Professor of Computational Materials Chemistry, Imperial College London

Ross King, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Chalmers University of Technology

Partha Krishnan, Deputy Director of Health, Safety and Environment, Sanofi

Sibel Guerler, Head of Innovation, Partnerships and Process Optimisation, WorldWide Patient Safety, Bristol Myers Squibb

Mirkka Schaller, Digital Innovation & Data Generation, Digital Enablement Lead, Alexion

Vincent Revol, Head Life Science Technologies, C.S.E.M

Mario Richter, Director, AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & co. KG

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