What are the trends in genomics and precision medicine for 2024?


Leading experts in genomics, personalised medicine and drug discovery convened at the Precision Medicine Community Event in London to unveil the latest advancements shaping the future of healthcare.

The event highlighted critical areas such as secure and diverse data access, genomic sequencing in newborns, building public trust, and global collaboration, setting the stage for transformative developments in precision medicine.

Convened by Lifebit, the event aimed to forge connections and establish partnerships with the common goal of expediting the secure utilisation of health and biomedical data in research to save lives.

The key themes defined for leaders to champion in 2024 include:

  • Leveraging innovative technology for secure data linkage and access: The pivotal role of innovative technology, such as trusted research environments (TREs), federated data analysis and end-to-end data harmonisation, in ensuring secure data linkage and access was made clear throughout the day.
  • Utilising diverse data in clinical trials for drug discovery: Key speakers from pharma and industry discussed the integration of diverse data in clinical trials, emphasising its role in accelerating drug discovery processes for more effective and personalised treatments.
  • Implementing genomic sequencing for newborns: Leaders in the field, including those from Genomics England, highlighted the opportunities and challenges around implementing genomic sequencing for newborns.
  • Involving the public to earn and strengthen trust: Building trust in secure data use is paramount. The importance of involving the public in precision medicine initiatives, fostering transparency, and strengthening trust between healthcare providers and the communities they serve was underscored throughout the day.
  • Fostering global collaboration among biobanks, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers: Worldwide collaboration to harness the full potential of precision medicine is crucial to ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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