Kinetics in Drug Discovery Webinar
Kinetics in Drug Discovery: From assay plate to patient

Kinetics in Drug Discovery: From assay plate to patient

Sponsored by UCB

The screening assays employed in drug discovery are abstractions of biological systems, and by their nature are often poorly predictive of efficacy and potency in patients. This is caused, in part, by the use of equilibrium systems to predict patient responses; despite humans being notoriously non-equilibrium in nature. This talk will describe the use and analysis of kinetic methods across the drug discovery journey and their impact for understanding the pharmacology of medicines.

BMG LABTECH will also introduce the key features of the PHERAstar FSX that support binding kinetic assays and key factors for assay optimization to ensure screening success.

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- Martin Redhead (Group Leader - UCB)

Martin Redhead completed his PhD in Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham. He went on to join the Sygnature Discovery Bioscience department working on the kinetics and thermodynamics of drug discovery. He joined UCB in 2015 and works as a group leader, specialising in molecular pharmacology and its impact to drug discovery.

- Catherine Wark (Applications Manager - BMG LABTECH)

Catherine Wark is the Applications Manager for BMG LABTECH UK, her team is responsible for the support of customers in UK and Ireland. She has sixteen years’ experience with BMG LABTECH, assisting users with microplate reader and assay optimization, drawing from her previous experiences in both academia and industry working in the fields of cell and molecular biology.