Drug Discovery World
Disruptive change by Linked Data and Semantic Technologies in Healthcare and Life Sciences
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The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing an enormous shift in structure and strategy to reinvent how to bring new drugs to market efficiently. Global drug development strategies all reflect new thinking aimed at achieving higher R&D efficiency and greater return on investment.

Semantic technologies - based on advanced statistics, data mining, machine learning and knowledge management - have existed for years, but are gaining much more momentum dealing with the growing need for efficient information management (IM).

Better application of semantic technologies in linked data combined with the urgent need for better data-sharing may well be the next disruptive wave for efficient information handling in healthcare and life sciences.

Drawing on experience from 3 respected KOL’s in the exciting field of Semantic Technology this Webinar will present some dynamic and forward thinking perspectives on harnessing the true value of Big Data within the Life Sciences Industry and ultimately how we can translate this knowledge into effective new therapeutics for mankind.


Ian Dix

Director of Informatics AIKE

R&D Information, Astra Zeneca

Bernard Munos


InnoThink Center for Research in Biomedical Innovation

Hans Constandt