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Real-time Profiling of Receptor Pharmacology

Real-time Profiling of Receptor Pharmacology

Sponsored by BMG Labtech & Promega

Receptor function is multifaceted and it is therefore highly advantageous to monitor multiple aspects in live cells and in real-time. This includes ligand binding, secondary messenger coupling, recruitment of scaffolding proteins such as arrestins, internalization and trafficking. This webinar will detail the latest advances in microplate reader-based technologies to monitor receptor pharmacology, particularly using bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET).


Associate Professor Kevin Pfleger MA, PhD
Head of Molecular Endocrinology & Pharmacology
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and the Centre for Medical Research,
The University of Western Australia (UWA)

Dr. Thomas Machleidt, PhD
Cell Biology Team Leader,
Advanced Technology Group
Promega Corporation

Dr. Carl Peters PhD
Senior Application Scientist