ViiV Healthcare to present new HIV data at International AIDS Conference

Continuing to challenge the current HIV treatment paradigm, data presented will investigate new and innovative treatment options for people living with HIV.

ViiV Healthcare will be presenting over 20 abstracts during next week at the 23rd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2020: Virtual), being held 6-10 July. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference will be virtual.

Highlights from ViiV Healthcare and study partners at AIDS 2020will include the final efficacy analysis from the global HIV Prevention Treatment Network (HPTN) 083 study evaluating investigational long-acting cabotegravir for HIV prevention; 48-week data from CUSTOMIZE, an implementation research study on how to implement, if approved, a new, once-monthly injectable HIV treatment in US healthcare practices; and results from the Positive Perspectives Wave 2 study, providing extensive insights from more than 2,300 people living with HIV (PLHIV) in 25 countries.

Kimberly Smith, Head of Research & Development, ViiV Healthcare, said: “The data we’re presenting at AIDS 2020 show the continued depth and focus of ViiV Healthcare’s patient-centred approach to innovation and the strength of our commitment to the community.  We’ll be sharing the significant advances we’ve made not just for the treatment of HIV, but for prevention as well, in some of the populations most disproportionately impacted by HIV. We’ll also share the in-depth insights gained from more than 2,300 people living with HIV that will help address their treatment needs and challenges.”

Key abstracts to be presented by ViiV Healthcare and study partners at AIDS 2020 include:

Final efficacy analysis from the global HPTN 083 study evaluating cabotegravir for HIV prevention;

48-week findings from the implementation research study, CUSTOMIZE (Cabotegravir plus Rilpivirine in the US to Optimize and Measure Implementation and Experience;

Global Positive Perspectives Wave 2 study results: ViiV Healthcare will showcase results from the second wave of Positive Perspectives research at AIDS 2020;

Advancing HIV treatment and care in paediatrics. 

Image credit: Shayna Douglas

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